Gama de adhesivos de base EVA para cerrado y formación de cajas y estuches, recubrimiento/laminado, embalaje de final de línea, encuadernación y artes gráficas, sector construcción (azulejos y baldosas), etc.
adhesivos, hotmelt, termofusible, resinas
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Hot-melt adhesive EVA – Resimelt®


Description: The Resimelt range groups all the adhesives developed with EVA base, the use of high quality raw materials in the production process allows us to guarantee a clean and high performance product. It has a large number of references developed to guarantee optimum functionality in all its versions and formulas.
Properties: High tack with good heat resistance, low resistance to dissolvents and plasticizers, good wetting with high coating ability.
Application: General packaging and industrial packaging, coating/laminating, end of line packaging, bookbinding and graphic arts, food production (packaging, case and carton sealing), construction sector (tiles), etc.
Formats: pearls in 20kg bags and big bags. Possibility in blocks and drums.

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    • Alto tack
    • Buena resistencia al calor

    • Baja resistencia a disolventes
    • Baja resistencia a plastificantes

    • Buena humectación
    • Alta capacidad de recubrimiento