Gama de adhesivos que demandan una composición más respetuosa con el medio ambiente, con un alto porcentaje de biodegradabilidad y compostables, calidad, innovación y sostenibilidad!
adhesivos, hotmelt, termofusible, resinas
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Hot melt adhesive Naturmelt®

Base: Copolymer


Description: The Naturmelt brand encompasses the standard of products that demand a more environmentally friendly composition. These are products developed with a high percentage of biodegradability and potentially compostable. Coatings laminated on paper based on vegetable-based waxes suitable for multiple applications for food contact, such as hot-melts for food thermosealing.


Properties: Good heat resistance, high content of natural resin and vegetable waxes, good wetting with high covering capacity. Compostable, biodegradable product.


Application: Industrial packaging, coating/laminating, end-of-line packaging, food processing (case and carton sealing), recovering.


Packaging: Granules, blocks, drums.

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    • Industrial Packaging
    • Covering/Lamination

    • End-Of-Line Packaging
    • Coatings

    • Food Processing (Case And Carton Sealing)